maicol parker-chavez

Maicol Parker-Chavez is a Business Designer and the founder of EmSprint, where he helps companies build better solutions faster through inclusion and design. Maicol has been a designer for over 15 years, working with startups and large companies, most recently concluding a two-year contract at Riot Games in UX design before launching EmSprint in 2017. 

 Maicol believes in bringing diverse perspectives into the product development process to create a shared understanding, build a foundation for creative problem solving and ensure the most feasible, desirable and viable solutions are developed. In addition to making sure the right people are in the room and companies are truly understanding their customers, Maicol helps teams learn quickly, build confidently and save time and money by prototyping and testing new ideas in two weeks with Design Sprints. He began facilitating Design Sprints in 2014 and now focuses on using the process to help teams become more efficient and better aligned to bring better products into the world.

Maicol was born in Peru, moved to the U.S. when he was six and currently lives in Playa del Rey where you can find him riding BMX and spending time with his wife and three furry kids. 


Instagram: @mparkerchavez