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Kevin J. Nguyen

Kevin J. Nguyen is a second generation Vietnamese American with a big dream - to encourage people to live a life true to themselves and be a part of a movement of change-makers. Growing up, he always felt compelled to express himself through various means, specifically in the digital world. He believes using our creativity is a fantastic way to connect with people and amplify the stories that are usually left untold.

His love for storytelling led him to a career in digital media where he has worked for publishers like Jubilee Media and BuzzFeed. He’s produced over 100 videos amassing more than 900 million views worldwide. He has extensive experience in video production, content strategy, project management, leadership, and diversity and inclusion training. Additionally, he’s passionate about raising awareness on social issues, community building and engagement, and using digital media as a platform to elevate pressing topics.


INSTAGRAM: @kevinjnguyen_