a one-day masterclass on creating action-inspiring content

The Storyteller's Summit  brings experts from the creative and entertainment fields to share insights on creating messages that inspire the general public to take meaningful action on timely issues.

Only 200 storytellers in the public sector, non-profit industry, and social enterprise space will be invited to partake in this inaugural event.

who should request an invitation?

The Storyteller’s Summit encourages non-profits and public sector agencies to request an invitation for any staffer who touches their organization’s content. From the ideation phase to execution, this Summit aims to help storytellers rethink the entire process. This could be people working in:

  • Communications

  • Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Videography

  • Social Media Management

We encourage both story practitioners and decision-makers to attend, however all attendees must work for organizations addressing issues that require large-scale public engagement and activation to overcome.

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Learn what sparks emotional connection

How can an organization create an emotional tie with the individual supporter, activist, or citizen? By conveying a clear understanding of who that individual is and giving them a place in the organization’s fight against an issue.

If your organization has been wondering why social media “likes” and “follows” haven’t translated to sizable action, The Storyteller’s Summit is here to help.

If your organization is addressing a pressing issue, which requires a deep level of connection to inspire action, this conference is for you. This includes organizations involved with:

  • Emergency Response

  • Extremism

  • Climate Change

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Immigration

The Storyteller’s Summit is designed to help you understand how to create a story out of your content and emotionally impact people.


Our topics and panels are geared towards helping your organization create more engaging content.

A sampling of the topics the Summit will cover is below.


The Pillars of Strong Storytelling: Lessons from the Entertainment Industry

Learn what the structure of an effective story is and how to cast personalities that connect with an audience.

Defining the Right Demographics: Understanding Who You’re Really Trying to Reach and why

Learn how to properly segment your target audience, understand their preferences, and tailor your story strategy to deliver content where it’ll be best received.


Testing your content with a focus group

Learn how to gauge how audiences will react to your campaigns and content as you’re planning them.

Representation: getting Diverse Voices and Faces into Your Content

Are you not reaching your target audience because they aren’t represented in your content? Create a strategy to identify and highlight diversity across your various mediums.


The elements of viral content

There’s a science to creating a social media that goes viral. Hear insider tips, from those who work at media companies, on how to set up your stories so that they are easily shareable.

integrating content into mainstream media

Hear how Hollywood studios select which public issues they write into scripts and the ways in which you can influence how media companies address timely storylines.


If there is a story-related topic you’d like for the Summit to cover, email us at hello@thestorytellersummit.com


who’s speaking?

The Storyteller's Summit is excited to bring a diverse mix of speakers from Hollywood’s premiere movie studios and media companies. These powerhouses will share insights about how to craft stories that feel authentic, inspire trust, and create a sense of connectedness with your target audience.

Learn from representatives at the following companies (with more being added in the coming weeks) :

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the venue

Where it’s all happening

For those attending in person, please see the venue details below:

Location: Cross Campus DTLA

800 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles CA

Date: Friday, April 19, 2019

Time: 9 AM - 5 PM PT

  • Check-In: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

  • Programming: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Those tuning in virtually, via digital pass, will receive a link to the recorded keynotes 2-3 weeks after the Summit.

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Requesting a ticket

You must be employed at a non-profit organization, government agency, or social enterprise in order to attend this Summit. To request an invitation, please fill out the form on the “Request an Invitation” page.

We will begin sending invitations on February 7th.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you receive an invitation, we recommend purchasing a ticket as soon as possible to reserve your spot. (An invitation does not guarantee a seat). Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Early-bird: $175 (up until March 15th)

  • General admission: $225 (after March 15th)

We are also offering a digital pass, where individuals can stream the Summit’s keynotes beginning in early May. Digital ticket prices are:

  • Early-bird: $75 (purchased by March 15th)

  • Virtual admission: $125 (purchased after March 15th)

Select Discounts

Members of select organizations can apply a discount code to their ticket purchase. Please visit the “Request an Invitation” page for a full list of those organizations.


The Storyteller’s Summit thanks the following organizations for their partnership and support: